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Our gummies are made with purpose using the cleanest of ingredients and the best of technology & innovation to help you look & feel your best.

Because we take your health seriously!
  • 100% Vegan

  • Clinically Researched Ingredients

  • Free of Preservatives

  • Gluten & Allergen Free

  • No Artificial Color/Flavour

  • FSSAI Approved

  • Gelatin Free

  • Made in FDA registered facility

  • WHO GMP Certified

  • No Fine Print

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for restful sleep


No more tossing & turning all night long. Drift away into dreamland with our Sleep+ gummies.
• Melatonin
• Valerian root
• L-theanine
• Chamomile
Qty: 30 Gummies

🍊 Orange flavour

Induces Sleep

Improves Sleep Quality

Regulates sleep cycle

Promotes relaxation

Eases anxiety & stress

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Make hair fall a thing of the past. Get fuller, shinier hair with our Hair+ gummies.
• Biotin
• Collagen
• Multivitamins
• Zinc
Qty: 30 Gummies

Strawberry flavour 🍓

Reduces Hair Fall

Nourishes Scalp

Supports Hair Growth

Delays Greying

Strengthens Hair & Nails

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for instant energy


Feeling drowsy or tired? Experience fast-acting & long-lasting energy with our Energy+ gummies.
• Caffeine
• Vitamin B3, B6 & D2
Qty: 30 Gummies

Mocha cappuccino flavour

Boosts Energy

Increase Focus

Improves metabolism

Fights Fatigue

Enhances Mood

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